Our Vision

At Fresh and Tasty we understand that business plays a fundamental role in the wider social environment. Whilst the purpose of business is value creation, we believe that in today’s society far too many organisations are focussed on short-term performance over long-term development. At Fresh and Tasty, we see the ‘bigger picture’.

Staying true to the concept of sustainability, we understand that an organisations' vision is a continuous journey rather than a means to an end. Therefore our organisational vision is simple.. 'To facilitate social development'. Our mission is to build an organisation that maintains alignment between our values and our interests in order to not only be socially responsible but be ‘social leaders’. We aim to achieve this by planting the seed of care at the core of our business and building strong partnerships with all of our stakeholders.

Business Level Strategy

At Fresh and Tasty we believe that trust is at the core of any relationship. Therefore, we promote transparency in everything we do. At the business level, our strategy is simple..

"The exponential flux of consumer demand is creating a bigger market for new trends with shorter life-cycles in the food industry. Fresh and Tasty Bakery aims to position itself as a leader in rapid product development, partnering with organisations (B2B Customers) that are wanting unique product offerings.".. In combination with this, we are always looking to improve our current range to meet the dietary needs of our consumers through R&D and recipe re-formulation. 

Fresh and Tasty Bakery is a 100% Australian owned family business that has a strong market position as a leading wholesale bread manufacturer in the Bakery industry. As 4th generation bakers, the bakery unites the combination of contemporary and traditional baking processes in a semi-automated batch-processing facility which allows us to maintain competitive advantage through lean-labour manufacturing with only the best qualified bakers and the flexibility for fast response customisation when working with developing businesses with new market offerings.